It’s Like Tony Domish Was Made for the Criminal Justice Profession

April 18, 2019
Anthony Domish has been a professional in the criminal justice space for many years by now, and his impressive career has led him to be lauded as an expert in the field of law enforcement. A lot of that comes from his quarter-century as a police officer, although he also has served as chief of police in a number of jurisdictions. He is considered to be a trusted advisor to a number of departmentsand he has held a number of professional memberships in professional groups that are directly related to the law enforcement and criminal justice fields.

For example, Anthony Domish is a proud member of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, as well asthe International Association of Police Chiefs, and he also belongs to the Police Chiefs Associations in both Yakima and Snohomish Counties, among others. Put simply, Tony Domish certainly possesses both the education and training necessary to make him a veritable expert in the law enforcement and criminal justice industries, but there is more to him than that. He tends to put everything he’s learned to good use. This is especially true when he is working with departments to set up community policing initiatives.